How to Go to Heaven

Initial Instructions on How to Get into Heaven and How to Go to Heaven and Avoid Hell…

A Summary:  Seek to Get Right with God, Your Maker.  Cry Out to Him Directly.  Ask Him to Show You How to Get Into Heaven.  Ask Him if You Can Become One of His Children.  Want God More than Anything Else.  Know God’s Word.  Believe in God’s Word.  Believe on Jesus.  Hear, Understand and Obey Jesus Commands then Bear Much Fruit for the Kingdom!

Get to Know God More and More.  Fall in Love with God the Father, God the Son.  Enjoy Him.  Spend Time with Him.  Delight in Him.  Trust Him for Everything and Every Decision.  Hear His Voice.  Listen to His Teaching in Real Time.  Improve to Holiness and Perfection.  Do What He Says.

Understanding of How to Go to Heaven

  1. It’s not easy as many make it seem to be in popular Christianity today and the experience to genuine salvation is a lot more rich in awesomeness and depth.  We have to follow what the Bible says vs. what man made up for their “easier way” in their man made doctrine that takes out parts of scriptures.
    1. Understand what salvation is and why it is necessary:
      1. You are a doomed sinner that is most certainly on the way to Hell on your own. No matter what you do you cannot justify yourself to God.  This is the way God arranged it.  Why? So we would absolutely turn to Him, with absolute belief, abandon, honor, respect, dependence and deep love.  This is in conjunction with setting up the Lordship of Jesus of the universe, the Earth, Heaven, Hell, Lord of everything as God the Son.  So all goes through Jesus.  You can’t get to God the Father who most people call “God” or their Maker (Jesus is your Maker too did you know that? See the books of Hebrews and John)
      2. If you reject the love of God then to Hell you go.  Hell is much worse than  most admit.  Hell it is really really really really terrible.  You can see the details here from Hell and Heaven visitations so really there is no question – we need to listen to what God says in His Word about going to Heaven.  You don’t have a choice.
      3. If you receive the Love of God in all obedience then to Heaven you go.  Heaven is really really really really good.
      4. So just as represented in the Old Testament and blood sacrifice must be made to cover your sins.  Once you believe in Jesus he will wipe the slate clean of your sins of the past.  That said if you sin again after you believe, are born-again then you need to confess and repent in the name of Jesus, also known as the washing of the feet.  People tend to forget to mention this but it is eternally important.
      5. You must make Jesus your Lord. This means you give your life to Jesus and have Him direct EVERYTHING in your life.
        1. You still have free will and so you must choose to listen, hear and obey Jesus the Lord daily.  Yes.  Everyday through out the day.  You’ll get better and better at this to where this becomes a habit.  Yet you must still fight off the tricks of the enemy (yes you have a real enemy who is trying to steal, kill and destroy you by getting you to reject God, sin so he can bring you down to hell with him) and choose Jesus, God instead.  This is not an option as some imply.
        2. For EVERY question or need you have you are to ASK.  You have one Father Who is God the Father. You have one Lord, One Teacher, One Master Who is Jesus.
        3. Obedience is critical.  Disobedience is considered treason to the Kingdom.   Obey the commands of Jesus throughout the New Testament (see our list).  Just start and ask the Lord for help to understand and get better at each command.  Pretty soon Jesus commands will become your habits. And then you will become more and more powerful for the Kingdom and bear much fruit.  You will become the 4th seed by obeying Jesus’ commands!  Jesus commands incorporate everything in order to have success now into eternity.
        4. You must now install the commands of Jesus for they are the commands of lawfulness.  You have been well trained in the commands of this world which by default are considered the commands of Satan, which are also called lawlessness.You are already well ingrained with the commands of this world and are continually bombarded by new ones. You have picked up so many beliefs on how you should do things and how things should go, so many beliefs that are contrary to God’s Word, meeting they are sin.   You must make the commands of Jesus your new habits same beliefs therefore reprogramming your self into a lawful abiding citizen of Heaven.  By obeying Jesus commands you will bear fruit for the Kingdom.  For it is essential to be lawful and bear fruit for the kingdom in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.  Jesus commands are the instructions you have to become a citizen of Heaven.You must become a citizen of Heaven now in order to get in. Some erroneous concepts out and about imply that you can do whatever you want in this life and God is going to just ‘zap you’ and make you perfect.  That doctrine implies that you can sin, ignore Jesus, ignore His commands and be your own lord (gee where does that doctrine sound like it came from…).  That doctrine is therefore rebellion.  Get away from that teaching.  Unfortunately it is hugely popular and rampant these days. You are commanded to be perfect and holy.  Follow Jesus by doing what He says.
    2. You initially believe and start a relationship with God by believing on Jesus.  Your start of belief could start with a leap of faith. You may not have had much introduction to Jesus before.  Or you could’ve taken a longer journey on the wait to finally being able to believe in Jesus. Or even Jesus could appear to you personally as with Paul and thousands of Muslims across the globe these days, really (you should see those testimonies on YouTube!).When you genuinely believe on Jesus then you will be born again from above.  See details below.  You become a new man, woman.
    3. Repent of your sins.  At this point in time you will not have knowledge of all Biblical sins.  So you must do a general repentance being willing to drop everything in your life and now to do things the way Jesus wants you to do them.  (here is a sins list for example of 666 sins)
    4. Many reach a point where they are ready to give up their lives to Jesus and trust Him for salvation.  They say prayers such as these:
      1. Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 2.35.07 AMScreen shot from  or
      2. Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 2.34.03 AMScreen shot from
    5. You must give up your life to God. This means you totally give everything up, all your ways, your goals for things on this earth and you wait for reassignment from Him, Jesus.  When we confess Jesus is Lord, this is what that means.  Jesus becomes our Ruler of life, Ruler of everything, anytime, in real time, in all time.  How does he do this in real-time? Well He’s God.  He does this through the Holy Spirit in you.  The Holy Spirit tells you what He hears from the Father and the Son, as understood from scriptures.  But do you understand we have a big list of commands already that we must obey from Jesus throughout the New Testament (these commands or anything said any command style, or an implied command style see our commands of the New Testament list here
      1. So you have to lose your life again it.  You need to take up your cross daily, deny yourself and follow Jesus.  You must become a Disciples of Christ, We all must become disciples, followers of Christ to obey His every command as given in the New Testament and as given in real-time.  This means we need to be guided by the Holy Spirit and not our selves. You need to ask the Lord’s help to show you how to do this and get better at doing this. For some personalities this will be harder then others.
      2. Don’t let the world seep in with all of its”ideas”.  Do not chase the world or try to build yourself up in the world going for a wealth in the world, fame, notoriety, esteem and the like – it is a dangerous trap.  Rather build yourself up in the kingdom of God for eternity.  This life is a tiny puff of smoke don’t waste your time building yourself up in it.
      3. Understand ahead of time you will have things said to you, done to you that will upset you because you are a follower of Christ.  That said, if you are genuine follower of Christ which means you obey his commands, you will bear fruit (fruit you can think of as love experiences for God, between God and man) and people will see the love of God in you and many will turn to the Lord because of you.  A lot of people are called hypocrites because they are not obeying Jesus nor they even know how to or that they should due to the”easy doctrine” of the day.  A lot of people are mocked because they are hypocrites (you want to avoid that).  But do understand if you are mocked, persecuted because you were a genuine follower of Jesus who is filled with the love the Lord, then get excited because Jesus promises you a huge reward in Heaven for it.  So the more you can put yourself out there as a witness for Him the more chances of huge rewards you will get. So you have to understand this in the positive sense. A lot of people who are taught some easy doctrine get confused when someone tell them they’re not cool or mocks them for believing in Jesus and they have their faith rattled.   Why I am telling you this is to beware of the emotions that hits you during those times of persecution.Emotions (combined with bad ideas) cause us to stumble and sin.  For example, Peter believed he was utterly loyal to the Lord, but when the severity of the emotions hit him, he did not expect that overwhelming negative energy from the emotional surge of the moment and from my understanding relating to my own experiences, did not know how to handle such strong emotions at the time.  Also from my understanding part of the enemies weaponry is the ability to shoot “fiery darts” of emotions at you.  Fear is one of the more powerful emotional fiery darts, from my experience.  And if you get taken back, set back, overwhelmed by the emotional attack, then that emotion creates a portal within you allowing for the injection of an idea, a bad idea, which one embedded into that emotion can feed that bad idea implanted into your heart like a seed. (Always call on Jesus for help in those scenarios when you’re overwhelmed by emotion for being overwhelmed by emotion (usually a negative emotion but also a happy, elation (not joy but happy euphoria) is not a good state to be in unless it’s the joy of the Lord, of course)A seed is a source of information surrounded by nutrients, fats for energy.   Well  emotion is like a source of energy, fats, a battery, a source of nutrients that gets encapsulated around this bad idea implanted in your heart.  And if you don’t repent out that bad idea, thereby surgically removing it from your heart right away then you will allow that bad idea to fester and give birth to sin.  This can happen quickly or overtime.  And if you start seeing a certain reward in the flesh that comes from doing that  sin you will start to believe in that sin, thinking it’s good to do, therefore sprouting that send see into your heart, making an tangled mess of bad belief in your heart that causes you to repeat that sent over and over and over and over (a sexual soon could be an example of this).   Understand, I am telling you all of this upfront so you don’t do the same error that I have gone through wasting a lot of time getting myself in trouble.
      4. Speaking of seeds… You want to be the 4th Seed, in Jesus parable of the seeds – the one who a. Hears the Word of God  b. Understands the Word of God, (ask the Lord your Teacher for the understanding and he will tell you) so he will then c. DO the Word of God ending doer of the word of God is the one who bears fruit and enters the kingdom of Heaven, and does so richly.
      5. In essence you are completely denying yourself into nine your life in this world, denying your pursuit of happiness and ambition in this world, denying your flesh, overcoming this world, overcoming your fleshly desires, to love the Lord your God more than these things.  So the end result is that you love God more than various tempting things. So that makes the love very meaningful to Him.In return you get the best Love relationship ever, filled with joy, filled with Love that’s way beyond what most people have experienced.  By loving God with all of your heart, all of your soul, all of your mind and all of your strength – literally, done as a verb (just start somewhere and you’ll get better and better at doing so) you then have a basis for doing everything right for entering into the Kingdom of Heaven.For if you love God your Father you will obey Him.  God the father speaks through Jesus the son Who is the Word of God, that is His Name. It is the will of the Father to do as the Son commands you to do.  If you follow what Jesus says and do what He says, you will do everything right, the right way and be able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.
  2. You must become holy.  You do this by repenting up of all your sins to be covered under the blood of Jesus. You do this by installing the commands of Jesus thereby replacing sin beliefs from this world which are counted as thick commands of Satan with the Holy beliefs which are the commands of Jesus.  This is not an option as many make it seem.  You must confess and repent in the Name of Jesus after you have first believed and are born again when you have sinned.  You need to know what sins are right from the start so you don’t waste time, life in futility and ruin:  here is a list.
  3. You must bear fruit! This is not an option it and it is very clear in scriptures although many have made it seem like it’s an option.
  4. You must understand how extremely terrible Hell actually is.  According to the various hell and heaven visitation videos many we thought would be in heaven are actually in hell.  Hell is brutally torturous and it is a torture that is over and over and over and over for eternity.  It’s important that you know about Hell four it will scare Hell right out of you and you will never want to sin again.  From my experience I believe this reality check will help you break the bonds of incomplete or false doctrine, lies of Satan and his workers, that through your emotions have you believing error and or continually committing sins over and over.  It’s time to up root and rip out sin out of your life.  It is your responsibility to do so and you can do so with the help of the Lord.  Start praying and keep praying.
  5. Only those who love Jesus will go to Heaven.   If you love Jesus you will believe in Him, you will believe Him, listen and hear what He says, and you will obey His commands, believe in them and turn them into your habits, your new “internal programming” to your mind and heart.  His commands get us to become holy citizens of Heaven and bear much fruit here on earth.  Jesus has to become your Way, the truth to you and your life.  You need to become Jesus bride, yet a warrior bride. You need to completely sellout for Jesus.  Everything you do must be for Him.  Jesus must become your Lord directing you through the Holy Spirit.  You must be led by the Spirit.  So no more of you leading your life, the Lord now leads, directs our lives.  So it’s truly time to get this done. There’s no time to waste. Keep asking seeking and praying– the Lord will help you!  That’s how you get this done. You turn to the Lord and ask for His help each step of the way!

Components of Getting into Heaven

  1. Repent.  Turn away from your life, your sins and turn completely to God.  Ask God to save you and show you Jesus.
  2. Believe on Jesus. Believe Jesus is God the Son Who came down to live amongst us, born of a virgin, Who overcame the world living a sinless life, offered Himself as a sacrifice for humanity’s sins and was risen from the dead, appearing to many on earth then ascending to Heaven to be seated at the right hand of God the Father.
  3. Believe Jesus.  Hear His words.  Understand His words.  Do His words so you may bear a return for God, a return for the Kingdom some 30, some 60 some 100 fold.  By believing Jesus, doing what He says from the Bible, hearing His voice in real time being directed through the Holy Spirit you make Jesus your Lord.  Lose your life in this world to Jesus, take up your cross and die to self and let the Lord direct your life.  (Think about this: won’t we all will be a lot more successful if we have all knowing Intelligence and power leading your life vs. us who has very limited knowledge and ability?  Right.  So this is a very good deal!).  Oh and just saying “Jesus is Lord” doesn’t that makes Him the Lord of your life!  We have to make Jesus Lord all the time, daily.
  4. Get baptized in water.  Then get baptized in the Holy Spirit.
  5. Wash your feet after you have believed, become born again when you sin.  (It’s better to know what sins are so you don’t have to stumble on them later so here is a list of 666 sins – go work on this diligently right away with the Lord asking for help and how to repent of, uninstall beliefs that these sins are ok or good to do – uninstalling them from your brain and heart (harder part).
  6. Be led by God Holy Spirit Who directs you from what Jesus and the Father instruct and command.

Some may argue on different things but we should have a attitude of doing the best thing! We should want more of the Lord and want to do everything excellently. After all he is giving us a huge opportunity with tons of awesome blessings.  So let’s go for it to victory, Overcome this world and build the Kingdom greatly!

Steps to Go to Heaven and New Citizen of Heaven Habits to Acquire

  1. Ask God your Maker to show you how to get into Heaven.   This is about God.  You want to become one of his children of Heaven. You want to live in his home forever, Heaven is His home.  Ask Him with utmost seriousness.
  2. Tell God that you are ready to enter and willing to give up anything and everything for Him.  Tell Him you will do anything He wants you to do.
    • Understand that salvation is about giving up yourself, handing yourself over to God. But then God gives you something much better:  a. a better and new you, one that has the ability to enter heaven  b. a better life, the abundant life when you make Jesus your absolutely Lord  c. the best love experiences ever with the Lord, God
  3. Who is Jesus?  Most people think they know who Jesus is but they don’t, and aren’t even close.  Many people have been taught different versions Jesus as strange as that may sound.  Ask God to enable you to believe in Jesus, the Son of God who came down from Heaven to die for your sins, then raised back up to Heaven.  For you can’t believe in Jesus unless God the Father enables you.  Ask God to show you Jesus in that He is real.  Really.  You’re dealing with the very real God that can do anything.  And you need to get right with Him and do things right.  You are depending on His help to do this.
  4. Believe on Jesus.  Believe that Jesus is the son of God who Came down to heaven come out to be born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, died on the cross as a final sacrifice for your sins and was raised from the dead back into Heaven.
  5. Admit Jesus is Lord, Lord of all, Lord of the universe.  And importantly, admit, confess that Jesus is your Lord. Make Jesus your Lord, ruler over everything in your life.
  6. Now make Jesus your Lord by listening to Him, learning, understanding, doing and turning into a habit all of Jesus commands from the New Testament.
    • Now make Jesus your Lord by giving yourself up daily to Jesus, giving Him complete rulership over you, your thoughts, your decisions.  Hear his voice and obey His commands in real time.  Understand that you are losing your life for Jesus’ sake so that you may gain your life, gain it abundantly.
  7. When you have Jesus as your Lord, He directs your life and good things come out of it.  Plus you will have peace, joy, harmony, blessings, awesome relationship building experiences with the Lord and others.  And thinking about it, you get to have God Almighty directing your every step, giving you ideas, good ideas for your life and how to do good things, good things that come with the eternal rewards.  Plus the Lord helps you get refined so you can enter the Kingdom of Heaven well.   The Lord we’ll instruct you on how to become absolutely excellent and eventually perfect, as He is perfect.
  8. You don’t know how incredible life can be, you won’t know how amazing the excitement can be, you don’t know how deep, intense,  friendship and love experiences with incredible depth, width can be until you know Jesus, & the Father and make Him your Lord.  You get to know the Father through the Son.
  9. Repent.  This means change your mind.  This means I’m programming your mind from all the programming from the world.  The world’s programming comes from Satan.  It is completely against God.  So that way thinking must be removed from you.  You must remove it with the help of the Lord, the Bible.  Yes this will take effort and pursuit.  It’s not automatic.  And it’s part of a growing process whereas you choose the Lord and His Ways and commands over the shallow enticements of the world.
    • Going forward there will be a challenge to become and remain holy.  You have to become holy and stay holy now.  If you sin you must repent in the name of Jesus immediately.
    • There are a lot of “easy gospels” out there, “easier ways”.  They emotionalize “faith” where as Jesus says faith is shown by obeying all of His commands.   He has many commands.  His commands are words He says in command style or implied command style.  His apostles in the Bible then expound upon His commands. You will need to get to know His commands by studying the Bible, by praying and by listening to His voice teach you in real time.  Obeying and repenting are two critical factors of getting into Heaven that the easy gospel teachers leave out these days.
    • Walk in the Holy Spirit (after you believe you will receive the Holy Spirit) which is walking in and being filled by the Love of God.
  10. Be baptized.  Full immersion to signifying dying with Christ and being raised to a new life, being born again from above. How?  Go to a church nearby that believes in and preaches from the Bible and they’ll know how to help you out.
  11. Be baptized in the Holy Spirit
  12. Create daily habit of reading the Bible.  Preferably get to know the Word through one of our Volume Bible reading plans.
  13. Create a daily habit of praying formally and throughout the day.
  14. Create a habit of tithing to a local fruit bearing church if you have one.  Otherwise find something online.  A tithe is 10% of your income which is to go to building the Kingdom.  Understand that God we’ll take care of you said don’t worry about a tithe financially speaking. It’s an act of sacrifice, obedience and participation into building the Kingdom which is a great thing.   Make sure you are attending a fruit bearing church that preaches the word,  that preaches obedience to the commands of Jesus (which may be hard to find these days but keep trying and asking the Lord)
  15. Offerings above the tithe.  Just do it.  They add up big for you in heaven for eternity and don’t put it off.   Please do you understand that:  Time spent in the Bible, time praying, time worshiping God in truth and in Spirit, your tithe, your offerings, your time spent witnessing to others about Jesus and the Kingdom of Heaven anytime spent serving the church all go toward building materials for your heavenly home.  So do you want to live in a shack, a communal “chicken coop” or a very nice home or mansion for eternity?  So if you make habits out of these seven factors you could do extremely well for eternity.  Also if you do these things you will bear fruit for the kingdom.
  16. We must bear fruit for the Kingdom. We must put the Kingdom of Heaven first and God’s righteousness. Putting God’s righteousness first means that we must be holy. We become holy by obeying Jesus commands and repenting out of our sins. And in fact there are many verses that gives severe warning if we are not bearing fruit for the kingdom and in personal experience’s with God.

So that’s a brief summary.  There’s much more for you to learn.  Make sure you get started in our volume Bible reading programs as you will see on the right-hand side menu.   Also get our volume Bible reading system.   Absolutely critical that you get to know the Bible so well, and do what it says, particularly in the New Testament.

Don’t follow other humans follow Jesus.  Jesus says that you have One Teacher, One Master, One Lord – so follow Jesus directly.  Go to him with your questions.  Everyone else is just a commentator.  Only Jesus has a complete answer for you.

If you mess up simply return back to the Lord as fast as you can. Don’t beat yourself up about it. That’s called self condemnation which only gives you to do that same sin again.  The purpose of life and eternal life is about is drawing close to God, then closer and closer. It’s pretty awesome if you think about it.  It’s about love relationships!  I want more those don’t you?!   If you sin, don’t beat yourself up about it just admit you’re wrong, to the Lord.  Once you admit you are wrong you now know that thing is wrong to do so you won’t do it anymore. Now accept the right thing to do, which is the Lord’s command.  Aha!  Now you have repented.

Also install the commands of Jesus in the New Testament into yourself can do them, turning them all into habits.  Pursue this aggressively.  Doing so will help you uninstall sin, sin police that you picked up from this world. Sin beliefs cause sin habits.  You do not want to have any sin habits jeopardizing your eternity.  Go cut out every sin belief.  Keep installing the commands of the Lord.  Do what the Lord tells you in real-time.  Bear fruit for the Kingdom.  Love the brothers and sisters in Christ.  Get ready to go to Heaven!

Action Plan:  Steps to Success in Christ Jesus for Getting into Heaven.  This is not optional either for you must know and understand the Word to do the Word to bring forth fruit.  You must bring forth fruit for the Kingdom!

  • Get on a volume Bible reading plan
  • Discover the 667 Sins to Know, Avoid, Repent Out and Completely Uninstall from Your Being, Your Beliefs Your Behavior.  What you don’t know can hurt you eternally!
  • Understand more about Heaven and Hell by many people who have visited:  see this site
  • Start assimilating the commands of Jesus turning them into what you believe is right and good to do, thereby turning them into a habit!  (here is a list)   Do Jesus commands and make them a habit!  This is a much overlooked but critical concept for the disobedient will not enter Heaven (no matter what a denomination or religion claims).
    • Jesus commands us to be perfect, and He’s not kidding! Perfect means you turning all Jesus commands and repenting out all your sins.  These lists have given you will help you a ton.
    • And also simply trust the Anointing you will be given after  you really, actually and seriously first believe that Jesus died for your sins, was raised from the dead as the Son of God and confess Jesus your Lord, ruler of life. This Anointing is the Holy Spirit Who will teach you;  Jesus teaches you through the Holy Spirit, moment by moment.  So relax and listen to the Lord within you in real time, all the time!  It’s awesome.
  • Create an “Investing Plan” to Give, Invest your money into the Kingdom into things that will produce a return eternally, for the Kingdom helping turn people to God’s righteousness.
  • Create an Acts of Kindness plan and routine.
  • After you’ve gained understanding of the Word, start a ministry as inspired by the Lord.  Start sharing the Good News and tell people how to avoid a brutal torture for eternity in Hell and get into Heaven.  We’ll try to keep coming up with more stuff to equip you.  Or just send people to this site…

If you need help call one of those help lines above:  or click here


Discover How to Go to Heaven and How to Avoid Getting Slyly Tricked Out of Heaven

We are here to introduce to you how to go to Heaven.  Getting into Heaven is simple.  But it’s not easy.  Proof that it’s not easy is seen all around as you see a continual push by humanity to create a different gospel, a different version of the Bible, a different denomination, a different Bible, a different religion…

Bottom line is this:  If you don’t like, respect, honor, delight thinking about, delight in the presence, are totally in love with Him, in awe from knowing His Works and His Person why would God want you around Him for eternity??

Right.  Most of the planet totally misses the point on God and Heaven.  They don’t know God or care for Him.  They have not sought God with much effort and hard seeking.  Most of the world wants to focus first on themselves in their own “pursuit of happiness” and pleasure.  They don’t make the effort to get right with God.  So therefore they miss the mark.

And unfortunately missing the mark is eternity in darkness or a burning torturous lake of fire reserved for Satan and his fallen angels.  It’s important to remember this.  Why?  Most will not take what God says for us to do in order to get into Heaven seriously which will cause people to look for some new easier way. Most Christian churches it seems have gone this “easier way” trying to make it “easier for the people”.  Well getting into Heaven is NOT easy.  It is the narrow way.  And I’m here to warn you today as well because you (and I) want to succeed and actually get into Heaven, not falling short!   Better to take the pains to do everything right, immediately, vs looking for some other easier way that will put you in the pit.

Hell is brutal, worse than we can imagine.  You should shuddering in your soul when you think about Hell. (Go watch Hell visitation testimonies and you’ll never every want to sin again!) The problem is that you’re probably not because Hell has hardly been preached for decades (at least here in America) and these watered down preachings, doctrines have done you an eternally terrible disservice.

Fortunately the Lord has stepped in to help taking many, many people on trips to Heaven and Hell and back, instructed to tell us and warn us.  See this site immediately and start going through the videos ( I would start at Howard Pittman).  You need to deal with these testimonies for many are getting tricked into Hell and will be shocked.

You and I don’t want that to happen so you and I want to clean out, repent out of every sin (first getting to know what each sin is (See 667 Sins to Know and Repent Out of Yourself) and then learn every command of Jesus and start obeying.  (See 1050 Commands of the New Testament to DO & Install into Yourself as a Habit)

And get on this Bible Reading plan for the purpose of getting to know each command of Jesus in the Gospels and the commands expounded upon by the apostles Bible Reading Plan – 12 Times a Year New Testament ).  And you also need (as commanded) to open yourself, your heart up, hence your inner ears up so to hear the voice of the Lord as Jesus teaches and commands you in real time through the Holy Spirit.

Yes talk about Hell sounds offensive but bottom line, it works!  Seeing those Hell visitation videos will get you the motivation to never want to sin again and repent out every sin (after you’ve been born again!) in the name of Jesus, obey Jesus and bear fruit for the Kingdom.  You will finally get what Jesus says done!  It works!

So I’m not telling you all of this stuff about Hell to make you feel terrible for nothing.  I’m telling you that it works!   So get on track with the Lord.  Never again look back at this putred world as in wanting it or wanting to maximize yourself in it.  Move your heart and mind over into the Kingdom and MOVE!  RUN, run as fast as you can to the Kingdom, to Jesus, to building the Kingdom, to doing great works through Jesus for the Kingdom!  Time is very very short and your personal time maybe ever shorter.

Salvation is based on trust.  Trust is not concrete.  Man would rather have concrete, to “know for sure” and to “not have to worry about it” (so man can go on doing his own thing and ignore God).  But without trust, there is no relationship building.

By having a concrete set of rules we then don’t need God personally anymore and can push Him away.  And as you get to know the Bible by reading it over and over again you’ll learn that salvation is based on who God knows, likes and loves through relationship building. You have to know Him and He has to know you, know in the sense that you know a best friend or spouse from a relationship.

And your relationship with God first starts by hearing then obeying, doing what He says.  God knows what He is doing.  He made everything and knows everything.  We don’t know much at all especially in comparison with God.  So.  Common sense says we should listen to what God is advising, telling us.

There is only One way to Heaven and that is through God, the Son of God.   You may be upset at that statement but it’s better if you’re upset a little know and saved for an eternity in Heaven and not tortured for an eternity in Hell.  And oh yes, Heaven and Hell are very real, more real than the “reality” we all live in today in this dimension.

Narrow is the path and only a few find it: “Go in through the narrow gate; for the gate that leads to destruction is wide and the road broad, and many travel it; 14 but it is a narrow gate and a hard road that leads to life, and only a few find it.” Matt 7:13-14

The layers of tricks are thick.  Broad is the path that leads to destruction. MOST will not make it.  Most have bought into complacency.  Most have put everything else before God thereby making that their god.  Most have bought into an alternate gospel.   Most will perish for their lack of knowledge.  Most will perish because they were to LAZY to get to know the Word and do the Word, what the Words says…

God has given us everything we need from the Word.  Salvation is from the Word.  No one can get right with God without the Word.  No one can get into Heaven without the Word.


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